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What We Do

Brand Strategy / Retail Events / Marketing, Sales & Customer Service / Management / Promotions & Community Engagement

An Approch With Impact

Emerald Desert Promotions utilizes its expertise to promote brands and products directly to consumers. Through our live events, we showcase your brand/products, receive customer feedback, and increase brand awareness. Our promotional events are opportunities to build rapport with consumers. These face-to-face interactions allow consumers to ask questions and be confident about your brand. We don’t just sell and market your business; we create experiences that leave a lasting imprint on your consumers’ minds.

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It starts with a simple conversation and leads to a sustainable relationship with your brand. Our event promotions team offers fast solutions to get your brand/product into new markets.

Event Marketing



We hire our team from the local community. This means that everyone on our team is already familiar with the local market and people. Also, Emerald Desert Promotions provides your business exclusive access to our high-end retail partners. This will allow you access to various venues and locations, gaining your brand/service exposure to demographics and communities you might otherwise never reach! 

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“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality, and then there are those who turn one into the other.” 
-Douglas H. Everett

Our goal is to help grow your business, brand, or service.  To do this we need to connect you with new markets and consumers – then retain the connections that are made.

Emerald Desert Promotions and its team of professionals provide onsite solutions, world-class marketing tools, and robust attendee data and management, Emerald Desert Promotions can help you and your business grow and gain traction within the Pheonix Area.

Taking Your Business to New Heights! 
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